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Inventor and Founder

Company Information
System Homes Company
Head Office 4-6-4 Taishido, Suite 102, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo,
154-0004 Japan
TEL: (81-3) 3421-2958
FAX: (81-3) 3421-2974
R&D Office 6-2-3 Maeno-cho, Suite 601, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo,
174-0063 Japan

TEL: (81-3) 3967-8732
Foundation December 04, 1981
Paid-in Capital Yen16,000,000
CEO Hozo Yoshino
Bank Reference JPMorgan Chase Bank, Overlake Park Financial
Center, Bellevue, WA
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Setagaya Branch,Tokyo
Company Profile A multinational trading and servicing firm structured
on high technology aerospace R&D capability.
Business Objective Provides energy efficient digital motors and the motor controls worldwide at reduced cost by employing a simplified trading network.
Business Elements 1. Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) digital motors
2. Pulse Code Width Modulation (PCWM) digital
  motor controls
3. Axial Flow Fans and Centrifugal Blowers
Development Experience Joint development of PMAC air conditioner digital
   fan motors with Guangdong Welling Motor
   Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
In-house development of PMAC digital motors,
   PCWM motor controls and electronic pressure
   control valves for use with residential HVAC
Entrusted ASIC development to NTT Electronics
   (NEL) and DNP LSI Design (DLD).
Joint development of PMAC digital fan motors
  with TECO Electric and Machinery Co., Ltd.

Joint development of PMAC digital fan motors for
   gas water heaters with Gastar/Noritz/Rinnai
Joint development of variable-speed drive heat
   pump air conditioners with Electrolux/Frigidaire.
Joint development of an integral solar and heat
   pump system and its components with Mitsubishi
   Electric Corporation (MELCO).
Patents U.S.A. - 7 granted
Japan - 9 granted
Others - 2 granted
Inventor and Founder
Hozo Yoshino Profile

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